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MRT 2016

Hello everyone! I am beyond excited – and still in a bit of disbelief – to be introducing myself as Lisa Lageschaar, Miss Rodeo Texas 2016. I have dreamed of being Miss Rodeo Texas, and now that dream is reality! For those of you who do not know me, I would like to share a little of my background with you. I am a first generation American from the small town of Pickton, Texas in the northeast corner. I grew up on a dairy farm, which is still how my parents make a living today. Against my dad’s will, I finally convinced him to buy me a pony for my fifth birthday, and the rest is history! I began competing in playdays, junior
rodeos, open barrel races, and team ropings, and I competed in my first rodeo queen contest at the age of imagefourteen. I did not win that contest, and my parents hoped that phase had passed, but I was hooked! I competed for the same title a year later because I realized just how much my communication and horsemanship skills improved because of it. I mean, what better
way to combine my two favorite things – horses and fun times with friends!? It’s hard to believe, that ten years later I am Miss Rodeo Texas!

This past year, I taught high school agriculture in New Boston, Texas, which I plan to continue to do once my reign as Miss Rodeo Texas is over. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and I firmly believe that the best way to contribute to this earth is to develop our youth into the leaders we want them to be. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in agriculture education from Tarleton State University and a master’s degree in secondary education from Stephen F. Austin State University. I will be putting the $26,500 scholarship I received as Miss Rodeo Texas to use pursuing a doctorate in education as well. Leaving a full time career was a tough decision to make, but I know it will be worth it!

The 2016 Miss Rodeo Texas pageant was a blast! I really enjoyed getting to know each of the contestants, visiting state queens, and judges. I have never been around a more kind, talented, hard working, and like-minded group of people. Thank you to all of the sponsors who made the pageant and scholarship for Miss Rodeo Texas possible. We will be featuring all of our sponsors on our blog, social media sites and website; so, be sure to check them out! Thank you also to all of the Miss Rodeo Texas board members, committee members and volunteers who work incredibly hard all year. Devin Sisk, Rosanna Roberson, and Marjorie Murphy put in countless hours to make the Miss Rodeo Texas pageant run smoothly. Miss Rodeo Texas would not be what it is today without each of you!DS7_5346

The contest started out on the first day of summer, Monday June 20th with orientation and horsemanship. Thank you to Tejas Rodeo Company for the use of your arena, and to all of the generous people who brought their wonderful horses for all of us to ride! The rest of the week, all of the contestants went through interviews, including a media interview and group interview, question and answer sessions, gave impromptu speeches, and modeled designs by Kippys and Gruene with Envy at the style show. Thank you so much to Gruene with Envy and Kippys for letting the Miss Rodeo Texas pageant contestants modeling your gorgeous clothing! I loved every single piece! The entire week was a whirlwind of fun, even when we stayed up in the wee hours of the night practicing our dance routine. Thursday afternoon, before coronation, all of the contestants, along with our wonderful chaperones Linda Ebest and Kathy Waclawczyk, traveled to the Briscoe Western Art Museum and received a tour from Terry Chandler. Thank you Terry for taking time out of your day to show us a little Texas and western heritage history! After leaving the Briscoe we were treated to lunch by Kathy and Tawana Timberlake – thank you Tawana, Kathy, and Linda so much for everything you did all week. After lunch Miss Rodeo Texas 2015, Nikki Woodward, Miss Rodeo Texas Teen 2015, Sissy Winn, and all of the cont

DS7_5442estants were featured on SA Live. A big thank you to SA Live for having us!

Once we arrived back at th
e hotel it was time to prepare for coronation. I had remained fairly calm all week, but I could not manage to calm my nerves Thursday night! I felt as if I had done all I could do; I just prayed it was enough. As the category winners were called I began to feel overwhelmed with excitement. Then, second runner-up and first runner-up were named, and to my disbelief neither of them were me! I am beyond excited to be Miss Rodeo Texas 2016, and cannot wait to see what the year has in store. Thank you so much to my family, friends, mom – Theresia Lageschaar, dad – Erwin Lageschaar, and Rachel Hilliard for helping make this dream a reality!

I kicked off the year Friday night with the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo Volunteer Party where I was able to meet committee members and chairmen who make the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo the award winning Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo of IMG_0526Year for the eleventh time in a row! Thank you to Nikki Woodward, Kim Hinze, and LeaAnn Zunker Gardner for introducing me to everyone and showing me the ropes of San Antonio Rodeo! I cannot wait for February and all of the other events throughout the year! I will spend the next few days preparing and planning for my travels, where I sure hope to see old friends and meet many new faces!

Be thankful for the ones beside you, the God above you, and the life before you.

God bless,


Lisa Lageschaar

Miss Rodeo Texas

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Across The State And Coast To Coast

IMG_7649What a month and a half it has been! After Houston
wrapped up I headed over to Rodeo Austin for the last three performance. IMG_7654I was able to hang out with the Rodeo Austin Royalty; Tianti Carter Miss Rodeo Austin and Miss Rodeo Austin Princess Madison Ward. They were both so kind to show me the ropes and how they did rodeo in Austin. I had so much fun spending time with these girls and enjoyed getting to know them better. During the rodeo each night, we rode in to be introduced, helped with the Mutton Bustin’, rode in the barrel truck, and signed plenty of autographs afterwards. Thank you to everyone at Rodeo Austin for having me and welcoming me just like family it was a real treat!IMG_7663

IMG_7814From Austin it was off to Coahoma Texas home of the legendary rodeo clown Quail Dobbs, for what was probably the cutest event I have ever been asked to be a part of the “Cohoma Kindergarten Rodeo”. There were 60 or so tiny cowboys and cowgirls who entertained a large crowd at the elementary gym. There were clowns (quite a few mini Quail Dobbs), bronc riders, ropers, barrel racers and just about everything you would expect to see at a “grown up rodeo”. IMG_7819Stick horses were substituted for actual livestock, but that did nothing to lessen the entertainment factor. In addition to roping and riding, the children also entertained the crowd with several rodeo themed songs and put on a square dancing demonstration and where so kind to even let me join in on their line dance. The rodeo began in 1978 as the brainchild of famed rodeo clown Quail Dobbs. This year’s rodeo was in dedication to the late Quail Dobbs and they even dedicated the street the runs through the Coahoma ISD campus in his name. IMG_7838I have to say this was a very special event and it makes me so happy to see that this small community is not only keeping Quail’s vision alive, but also continuing to educate our youth about rodeo and agriculture in a fun and exciting manor! Thank you for letting myself as well as Sissy Winn, and Cheyanne Barrett be a small part of this exceptional event.

IMG_7868After we wrapped up the Kindergarten Rodeo Sissy and I headed south to Corpus Christi for the Mutton Bustin’ Mania. This was another rather cute event where the Rodeo Corpus Christi committee held mutton busting prelims for the mutton busting that would take place during the rodeo performances. This event took place on shoreline boulevard where we had sheep on a beach! IMG_7850It was very interesting to see sheep and sailboats all in the same place. After all the kids rode it was time to draw names to see which kids would be riding in the rodeo performance. Unfortunately not all the kids could ride at the rodeo only 24 could, so the pressure was on Sissy to draw the names. The names were drawn and we would see them in just two short weeks for the rodeo.

IMG_8118From one side of the Gulf of Mexico to the other. I was off to Kissimmee Florida for the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo. This was my first event with some of 2016 state queens I was so excited to meet them and spend the week full of adventure with them. I was extremely lucky to be able to attend this event and represent Texas on a national stage again. I carried the Texas Circuit flag as well as helped run sponsor flags throughout every performance. IMG_8019Before every performance all the rodeo queens were in the “fan zone” to interact with the fans and help educate them on what would be going on during the rodeo. I was very happy to see roping dummies and was egger to swing a rope and teach anyone who wanted to how to rope. IMG_8109For the most part it was little kids who wanted to learn but occasionally adults would wonder by and ask for help. This is one of my favorite parts about being a rodeo queen just getting to interact with people and share a little bit of knowledge about my heritage and give them a look into rodeo and agriculture.IMG_8125 I was also asked to be a model for the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund Skirts and Spurs Fashion Show, representing the Texas Circuit along side one of my favorite barrel racers and personal hero Jana Bean.IMG_8257 It was a blast Florida but I have to say it was great to get my boots back on Texas ground, or should I say sand because I was back down to Corpus Christi for the rodeo.

IMG_8181Rodeo Corpus Christi had quite the queen trio with Miss Rodeo America, Miss Rodeo Texas, and Miss Rodeo Texas Teen all ready to rodeo. We kicked it off with the Rodeo Corpus Christi 25th anniversary dinner, where we all got a fun history lesson behind the rodeo and its founders who are all still involved today! The rodeo was kicked of with a very impressive pyrotechnics show and followed with us running sponsor flash under a dark house and spot light! IMG_8227My ex-bronc horse turned pickup horse wasn’t overly excited about running around with fire on the ground and a bright light following him around, but we made it through with no problems! Its always a nice treat when we get to help run the stock out of the arena and help in anyway possible. The pickup men were so nice to let me carry a rope while helping, with the condition that I had to show them that I could use it! So whenever they missed it was my turn to show them that I’m not to shabby at swinging a rope, and I think they missed a few times on purpose. IMG_8217Thank you Rex Bugbee for letting me ride Socks and Jason Bottoms for letting me use your ropes.
One morning we were so lucky to attend the Driscoll Children’s Hospital with the Bullfighters Blue Jeanes, Weston Rutkowski, and funny man Justin Rumford, this is such a humbling experience but so joyful just seeing the little bit of joy we could bring to these kids.IMG_8204 Thank you for having us Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Frontier Rodeo really made this an outstanding rodeo from the bucking stock to their kind hospitality to us all. IMG_8254Thank you Rodeo Corpus Christi for having us all and treating us to the beach lifestyle with a little rodeo action!

IMG_8270I had a day or so to catch my breath from all the action before all the Fiesta activities kicked off in San Antonio. Sissy Winn and I were able to ride in the Battle of Flowers Parade. Thanks to Billy and Brenda Harris and the Western Heritage Riders for providing the beautiful palomino horses and for letting us ride with you all. IMG_8276The next night was the Fiesta Flambeau Night Parade where I rode on the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Public Affairs Committee’s float. I have never seen so many people lined up to watch a parade before. Im glad I found out that “show me your shoes” was a big deal in this parade, so I made sure to wear my flashy red high top Justin Boots. For the entire parade I felt like a Dallas Cowboys Cheer Leader doing high kicks the whole way showing everyone my boots! IMG_8308
Thank you to the Public Affairs committee for letting me be such a big part of y’alls float and for taking me in as a part of the family!

IMG_8398The Helotes Cornyval was just like coming home getting to see so many familiar faces. I was fortunate enough to be apart of the mutton busting every night before the rodeo, make a queen lap as I was introduced, even had the opportunity to help push stock out of the arena. IMG_8397Thank you pickup man James Hajek for letting my ride your nice roan horse or as Mike Mathis called him “the elephant”. Friday night saw a little more action than planned as a thunderstorm passed over causing a slight delay but didn’t stop the rodeo action. That morning I was overjoyed to attend the special kids rodeo. Quite a few kids came to the rodeo grounds for a fun-filled day of riding horses, roping, face painting, and dancing.IMG_8382 It is just so nice to be able to help put a smile on kids faces while giving them an inside look into what the western way of life looks like. Saturday morning was the Cornyval parade where I rode with the rodeo committee. IMG_8413Thank you Kim and Brian Anderwald and their daughter, Kinslee, for decorating the kawasaki mule for the parade and for being so kind and helpful to me the entire time.

IMG_8426After the Helotes Cornyval I made the drive home to West Texas. The Alpine city council board asked me to attend one of their meetings and thankfully it finally worked out for me to attend. Little did I know that they had planed a proclamation ceremony to dedicate May 3rd as Miss Rodeo Texas Nikki Woodward day!
My mom and everyone involved were very sneaky and successful in keeping this a secret from me, I was very surprised when I found out! I love my little home town and am just so humbled and honored that they did this for me!

I am so blessed and fortunate enough to have had all of these wonderful experiences this year and none of it would have been possible without the support and sponsors of Miss Rodeo Texas, Thank You!

“Vaya con Dios”


Nikki Woodward – Miss Rodeo Texas 2015



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From A-Town To H-Town

12043053_1113533788677400_2409462226578195602_nFrom San Antonio to Arlington to Houston the past month has been packed full of rodeo action! After the curtain was closed on the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo it was a mad dash to Arlington Texas for RFD-TV’s The American. Thankfully I was able to talk my brother Colton into flying me to Arlington.IMG_6280 It did take a little bribing with rodeo tickets to the the final round of San Antonio as well as tickets to The American. I am one lucky girl to have such an extraordinary brother who dropped everything to help me travel across Texas! Thank you Colton.

IMG_7120The American is the world’s richest one-day rodeo. This was the third year of The American and the first year to have queens run flags. Miss Rodeo Canada Samantha Stokes and I were more than pleased to have the honor of being the first rodeo queens to partake in this event. The American has qualifiers compete against the top 10 in the world for a chance at the big paycheck. Each event pays $100,000 for first and $25,000 for second. If a qualifying athlete can win his or her event, they will be entitled to a share of the $1,000,000. IMG_7139This event never fails to deliver on the entertainment factor, providing three returning event champions the opportunity to take share in a prize of 1 million dollars. Wade Sundell, of Boxholm, Iowa, earned $1.1 million after an eight-second 90-point ride on a bronc named Maple Leaf. What an honor it was the represent Texas and to have partaken in this renowned event.

From Cowboys country it was off to Texan territory for Rodeo Houston.  As soon as I arrived, I met up with Miss Rodeo America 2016, Katherine Merck. I hadn’t seen Katherine since the Miss Rodeo America pageant in December and I was so happy to see her again and excited for the weeks ahead! IMG_7184The first event we attended was the annual Rodeo Houston Armed Forces Appreciation Day. Katherine and I were joined by other “rodeo royalty” as we signed autographs, took pictures, and spoke with our armed forces men and women and their families.

IMG_7216Every performance Katherine and I kickoff the rodeo off by leading the grand entry presenting the American and Texas flags, as committee men and women rode in behind us on horseback, in carriages, wagons, and firetrucks all the way around the largest arena I have ever rode in (its an entire football field!) During the middle of the rodeo for about three days Katherine left for an out of state appearance. 12932882_1174331052584821_1787390503643993437_n (1)Carrying the American flag during that time was Miss Rodeo Texas 2014 Alex Ingram.
It was such a special experience for both of us representing Texas together at one of the sports most prestigious rodeos.

IMG_7386As soon as Katherine and I finished the grand entry and got off of our horses, we headed upstairs to the Rodeo Houston Fan Zone. Where we signed autographs along with other rodeo contestants. It’s always such a fun experience taking pictures, signing autographs, and visiting with fans. Once the rodeo was over, we were lucky enough to watch all of the amazing entertainers Rodeo Houston had from right behind the chutes. IMG_7234Katherine and I attended the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion selections for Lambs, Goats, Hogs, and Steers. We were formally introduced at the livestock auctions and assisted in the awarding of prizes. Congratulations to the kids and the buyers on a record breaking year!IMG_7310

IMG_7454Katherine and I had the opportunity to be “space cowgirls” for the day and toured NASA Space Center Houston! We saw the original mission control and even learned about the current happenings at NASA, and did a little souvenir shopping. IMG_7406That wasn’t the only fun outing we had. One morning we were able to talk Niki Flundra, the wonderful trick rider who carried the American flag during the national anthem every night at Rodeo Houston, into giving us a trick riding lesson.IMG_7413 After one lesson I think I have found my calling as a trick rider, but to be on the safe side I will let Niki take the reins for right now, and I will take a few more lessons! We were even lucky enough to meet former President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush when they came to the final round of the rodeo!IMG_7517

Thank you to everyone who made this experience possible. Thank you to the Cervi’s for all of their help and hard work, along with Randy Britton, for lending us horses to ride every night. Thank you also to Joel Cowley, Jack Lyons, Dan Cheney, Catherine Schultz, and the entire Rodeo Houston family for your hospitality and generosity. Y’all put on an outstanding rodeo and made it one of the most memorable and treasured experience of my reign.



“Vaya con Dios”


Nikki Woodward – Miss Rodeo Texas 2015


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